Beyond a Better Finish

When it comes to automotive refinish coatings, there’s so much more than meets the eye. ColorSource distributors go beyond the finish, giving collision repair centers and dealerships around the nation the world-class quality, performance and support they deserve. As BASF’s single-source distribution partners, ColorSource distributors provide the high-quality, best-in-class paint systems you expect from BASF. But they don’t stop there.

Since ColorSource distributors are committed to selling only BASF refinish paint, they can leverage the many great advantages that are exclusive to the BASF name. Through your ColorSource distributor, your collision repair center can access the newest product innovations available in the market first. You can also take advantage of BASF’s specialized training programs to ensure the fastest and most efficient repair processes and application techniques that will help your center perform optimally. Plus, BASF ColorSource distributors have the inside track on industry trends, giving you the insight to further better your business. And that’s just for starters.

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